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Oct 6, 2012 6:00pm EDT
my sister is now teaching school in albuquerque, new mexico. my brother's a lawyer in boerne, texas. c-span: you wrote in the book--you said, 'she went to--on to smith'... >> guest: mm-hmm. c-span: ... northampton, massachusetts--'where her mother had gone before her and i went in my turn.' and then you have a little parenthesis, 'i know this is so wasp i'm about to erp myself.' >> guest: can you imagine anything--anything more wasp than your grandmother, your mother and yourself all having gone to the same college? c-span: what about smith? >> guest: smith? it's a good school. c-span: what'd you learn there? what--what--what impact did it have on you? >> guest: i really do think i got a good education at smith. i was not--i--i'm not one of those people who thinks of my college years as a happy golden time. i mean, i was a texan who was up in massachusetts, so first of all i was cold. i mean, i couldn't bel--i was freezing to death the whole time i was up there. and i found yankees rather, in some ways, chilly and difficult compared to the texans i was used to. but i do think i got
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1